December 8, 2013

  1. December 8, is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, a Holy Day of Obligation for us Catholics.  But this year, the Solemnity falls on the 2nd Sunday of Advent which is higher in the degree of importance; thus, the Church moves the liturgical celebration of the Immaculate Conception tomorrow, December 9, 2013.  The liturgical celebration is moved on December 9, but not the obligation.  However, we are very much encouraged still to attend mass tomorrow.  The masses for Immaculate Conception at the Shrine is at 6:00AM and at 6:00PM.
  2. The schedules of Simbang Gabi and Misa de Gallo here at the Diocesan Shrine of Mary Help of Christians are the following
    • Simbang Gabi on December 15 up to December 23, at 8:00PM
    • Misa de Gallo on December 16 up to December 24, at 4:30AM
  3. We invite families and individuals to sponsor the Simbang Gabi and Misa de Gallo masses.  You may approach the following to enlist your preferred mass to sponsor:
    • Shrine Ministers: Baby Endaya, Nelia Santiago, Cecil Elera and Malou Vibora
    • Sacritans: Aspirants Ladice Tubagahon and Russell Samonte; and Prenovice Jojo Valenzuela
  4. There will be no Advent Recollection in the Shrine as the Simbang Gabi and Misa de Gallo masses already prepare the faithful for the Advent and Christmas Seasons.  Confessions will always be available during these masses and on masses on Advent Sundays.

Have devotion to Mary and you will see what miracles are!

Thank you so much!


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